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Guidance on error and warning messages for software used in radiotherapy

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Medische elektrische toestellen
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2019
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IEC/TR 63183, which is a Technical Report, provides guidance on the usage and form of error or warning messages written for software used in RADIOTHERAPY. It does not replace any requirements existing in the safety standards but is meant to be used as a supplement to existing standards on usability by providing specific examples in the field of RADIOTHERAPY. The two main goals of this document are 1) to present in a concise manner the best practices and design guidelines for good message dialogs, and 2) to illustrate these design guidelines with specific examples from the field of radiation oncology. This document is intended to be read by the following MANUFACTURERS’ employees and representatives: - engineering department members including: software engineers, RISK managers, quality assurance engineers, technical writers, etc.; - usability and human factors engineers; - marketing representatives (product marketing, product managers, business analysts). Throughout this document, unless specifically called out, these guidelines apply to all categories of messages summarily called error or warning messages (e.g. critical error, warning, system status, informational, routine interlock messages).


ICS-code 11.040.60
Engelse titel Guidance on error and warning messages for software used in radiotherapy



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