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Demand side power quality management

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Commissie NEC EMF Invloed EM-velden op het menselijk lichaam
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2018
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IEC/TR 63191 specifies recommendations about power quality measurement and assessment within installations. Such a power quality measurement plan will enable the optimization of the energy availability and efficiency, improve the assets lifetime and facilitate the resolutions of power quality problems. A power quality measurement plan encompasses the following stages: • definition of the context, objectives and constraints; • assessment of the initial power quality situation; • definition of an action plan for the improvement of the power quality situation; • implementation of the power quality measuring system; • exploitation of the measurement system for the improvement of the power quality situation; • maintenance of the measurement system. This document will also help facility managers to tailor their measurement plan to the specific needs of the electrical system under their control. It addresses all the disturbances present in such networks, but does not cover the disturbances present in public electrical distribution networks (supply side) as they are governed by specific documents such as EN 50160 and IEC TS 62749.


ICS-code 33.200
Engelse titel Demand side power quality management



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