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Nuclear power plants - Control rooms - Human factors engineering

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Kerntechnische instrumentatie
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2019
Taal Engels
IEC TR 63214 provides a summary of arguments and a technical basis for the development of a new Human Factors Engineering IEC standard and the alignment of IEC 60964. Based on the provided argumentation, the participating members will vote for such an approach. The proposed content of the new standard provides the basis for fruitful discussion within IEC SC 45A WG 8 and raises interest in the development of the new standard. The scope of the new HFE IEC standard will follow a holistic approach towards the design of the plant-wide control rooms and all HMI, including e.g. the local control stations located throughout the plant. The general principle is to consider the complete nuclear installation design as a sociotechnical system, in a holistic and integrated way. This document is organized as follows: - Clause 5 addresses the open points that serve as a basis for the discussion about a new Human Factors standard within IEC. - Clause 6 proposes a basic structure for the new standard to clearly identify the scope of this development. - Clause 7 addresses the changes needed to existing IEC standards to be aligned with a new Human Factors standard.


ICS-code 27.120.20
Engelse titel Nuclear power plants - Control rooms - Human factors engineering



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