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Microgrids - Part 2: Guidelines for operation

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Commissie Systeemaspecten van de elektriciteitsvoorziening
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2018
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IEC-TS 62898-2 is to provide guidelines for operation of microgrids. Microgrids considered in this document are alternating current (AC) electrical systems with loads and distributed energy resources (DER) at low or medium voltage level. This document does not cover direct current (DC) microgrids. Microgrids are classified into isolated microgrids and non-isolated microgrids. Isolated microgrids have no electrical connection to a larger electric power system and operate in island mode only. Non-isolated microgrids may act as controllable units to the electric power system and can operate in the following two modes: - grid-connected mode; - island mode. The 62898 series is intended to provide guidelines and the basic technical requirements to ensure the security, reliability and stability of microgrids. IEC TS 62898-2 applies to operation and control of microgrids, including: - operation modes and mode transfer; - energy management system (EMS) and control of microgrids; - communication and monitoring procedures; - electrical energy storage; - protection principle covering: principle for non-isolated microgrid, isolated microgrid, antiislanding, synchronization and reclosing, power quality; - commissioning, maintenance and test.


ICS-code 29.240.01
Engelse titel Microgrids - Part 2: Guidelines for operation



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