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General requirements for residual current operated protective devices for DC system

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2017
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IEC/TS 63053 provides general minimum requirements, recommendations and information for the drafting and testing procedures of standards for residual current operated protective devices, intended to be used in DC systems having a rated voltage not exceeding 400 V DC and a rated current not exceeding 125 A, hereafter referred to as DC-RCDs.  This document is primarily intended to be used as a reference for drafting product safety standard for DC-RCDs. This document cannot be used alone but is intended for use by technical committees in the preparation of standards for products similar to those mentioned in the scope of this standard. This document applies to a device - which detects a residual current, - compares it to a reference value, and - opens the contacts or poles when the residual current exceeds this reference value. Any association of devices, each one of them performing separately one or two of the above-mentioned functions, but acting together in order to accomplish all three functions, is also covered by this document. DC-RCDs are intended to provide fault protection, the exposed conductive parts of the installation being connected to an appropriate earth electrode, in accordance with IEC 60364-4-41. DC-RCDs having a rated residual operating direct current not exceeding 80 mA are also used as a provision for additional protection in case of failure of the protective means against electric shock. In accordance with IEC 60364-4-42, residual current devices with a rated residual operating current not exceeding 300 mA can also be used to provide protection against fire hazards due to a persistent earth fault current. DC-RCDs are suitable for isolation. They are suitable for all supply systems, with the exception of single-pole DC-RCDs with two current paths which are not suitable for use in IT systems. DC-RCDs of the general type are resistant to unwanted tripping including the case where surge voltages (as a result of switching transients or induced by lightning) cause loading currents in the installation without occurrence of flashover. The requirements of this document apply for normal environmental conditions (see 7.1). Additional requirements can apply for RCDs type DC used in locations having severe environmental conditions. DC-RCDs which include batteries are not covered by this document. Specific additional requirements for RCDs incorporated or embedded in equipment are covered in IEC TR 60755. Those specific additional requirements are also applicable for DC-RCDs.


ICS-code 29.120.50
Engelse titel General requirements for residual current operated protective devices for DC system



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