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Bodem - Monsterneming - Deel 3: Veiligheidsrichtlijn

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Aantal pagina's 21
Commissie Veldwerk - monsterneming
Gepubliceerd op 15-12-2001
Taal Engels
This part of ISO 10381 provides guidance on the hazards that may exist during a site investigation and when collecting samples of soil and other ground material, including hazards that are intrinsic in the sampling operation in addition to the hazards that may arise from contamination and other physical hazards. Precautions are given so that the risks involved in any sampling or site investigation can be controlled and minimized. This part of ISO 10381 gives guidance on hazards which may be encountered in a site investigation - in general, - on agricultural areas, - on contaminated areas, - in geological investigations, and an indication of the activities which may give rise to risks. It then describes procedures which may be adopted to control risks. This part of ISO 10381 is designed specifically to deal with the problems of safety during sampling and site investigation, and is not intended to provide guidance for other situations such as construction.


ICS-code 13.080.05
Nederlandse titel Bodem - Monsterneming - Deel 3: Veiligheidsrichtlijn
Engelse titel Soil quality - Sampling - Part 3: Guidance on safety
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