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Ergonomie van de physische omgevingsomstandigheden - Subjectieve beoordelingsschalen

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2019
Taal Engels
ISO 10551 presents principles and examples of practical application for the construction of appropriate subjective scales for use in the assessment and evaluation of the physical environment. It does not standardize particular scales. It considers scales of perception, comfort, preference, acceptability, expression form and tolerance, and environmental components such as thermal, visual, air quality, acoustic and vibration. It does not consider other scales such as: - scales related to the effects of the environment on the ability to read displays or signs, on manual performance or on psychological conditions such as mood, etc.; - scales related to pain or scales related to stimuli that can lead to injury. This document does not present principles of surveys (see Note) or questionnaire design. However, the scales that are developed using this document can be incorporated into surveys or questionnaires.


ICS-code 13.180
Nederlandse titel Ergonomie van de physische omgevingsomstandigheden - Subjectieve beoordelingsschalen
Engelse titel Ergonomie van de fysieke omgeving - Subjectieve beoordelingsschalen voor de fysische omgeving



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