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Aircraft ground equipment - Graphical symbols

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2012
Taal Engels, Frans
This International Standard establishes common graphical symbols for use on all types of aircraft ground support equipment. They have been compiled for the benefit of those who deal with such equipment, such asairlines, airport handling agencies, airport authorities, manufacturers, etc., in order to facilitate fast and accurate identification of controls, indicators and decals of powered and unpowered equipment. The presentation of this International Standard is based on the recommendations of ISO/TC 145, Graphical symbols. This International Standard is also intended to promote standardization of terms for controls, indicators, etc. for aircraft ground support equipment and alleviate language problems. It is recommended that these graphical symbols be placed on all new equipment and retrofitted on all existing equipment as far as possible.


ICS-code 01.080.20
Engelse titel Aircraft ground equipment - Graphical symbols
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