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Metallische materialen - Vermoeiingsproeven - Statistische planning en analyses van data

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Gepubliceerd op 15-03-2003
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This International Standard presents methods for the experimental planning of fatigue testing and the statistical analysis of the resulting data. The purpose is to determine the fatigue properties of metallic materials with both a high degree of confidence and a practical number of specimens. This International Standard provides a method for the analysis of fatigue life properties at a variety of stress levels using a relationship that can linearly approximate the material's response in appropriate coordinates. Specifically, it addresses: a) the fatigue life for a given stress, and b) the fatigue strength for a given fatigue life. The term "stress" in this International Standard can be replaced by "strain", as the methods described are also valid for the analysis of life properties as a function of strain. Fatigue strength in the case of strain-controlled tests is considered in terms of strain, as it is ordinarily understood in terms of stress in stress-controlled tests. This International Standard is limited to the analysis of fatigue data for materials exhibiting homogeneous behaviour due to a single mechanism of fatigue failure. This refers to the statistical properties of test results that are closely related to material behaviour under the test conditions. In fact, specimens of a given material tested under different conditions may reveal variations in failure mechanisms. For ordinary cases, the statistical property of resulting data represents one failure mechanism and may permit direct analysis. Conversely, situations are encountered where the statistical behaviour is not homogeneous. It is necessary for all such cases to be modelled by two or more individual distributions. An example of such behaviour is often observed when failure can initiate from either a surface or internal site at the same level of stress. Under these conditions, the data will have mixed statistical characteristics corresponding to the different mechanisms of failure. These types of results are not considered in this International Standard because a much higher complexity of analysis is required.


ICS-code 77.040.10
Nederlandse titel Metallische materialen - Vermoeiingsproeven - Statistische planning en analyses van data
Engelse titel Metallic materials - Fatigue testing - Statistical planning and analysis of data
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