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Optiek en optische instrumenten - Specificatie van ruw optisch glas

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2018
Taal Engels
ISO 12123 gives rules for the specification of raw optical glass. It serves as a complement to the ISO 10110 series, which provides rules specifying finished optical elements. Since raw optical glass can be quite different in shape and size from the optical elements, its specification also differs from that of optical elements. This document provides guidelines for the essential specification characteristics of raw optical glass in order to improve communication between glass suppliers and optical element manufacturers. For specific applications (e.g. lasers, the infrared spectral range), specifications based on this document need supplements. While the intent of this document is to address the specific needs of raw optical glass, many of the parameters and characteristics are common to other optical materials, which are not necessarily glass. While this document can be used for non-glass materials, the user is informed that only optical glass has been considered in the development of this document, and other materials can have issues, which have not been taken into consideration.


ICS-code 81.040.10
Nederlandse titel Optiek en optische instrumenten - Specificatie van ruw optisch glas
Engelse titel Optics and photonics - Specification of raw optical glass



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