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Splijtstoftechnologie - Coulometrische bepaling van plutonium met gereguleerde potentiaal

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Gepubliceerd op 15-08-2016
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ISO 12183 describes an analytical method for the electrochemical assay of pure plutonium nitrate solutions of nuclear grade, with a total uncertainty not exceeding ±0,2 % at the confidence level of 0,95 for a single determination (coverage factor, K = 2). The method is suitable for aqueous solutions containing more than 0,5 g/L plutonium and test samples containing between 4 mg and 15 mg of plutonium. Application of this technique to solutions containing less than 0,5 g/L and test samples containing less than 4 mg of plutonium requires experimental demonstration by the user that applicable data quality objectives will be met. For some applications, purification of test samples by anion exchange is required before measurement to remove interfering substances when present in significant amounts. Refer to Clause 10 for a discussion of interferences and corrective actions. Purification is also appropriate in situations where the purity of the test sample is unknown or when it may fluctuate unpredictably in a manufacturing process. Clause 11 discusses the changes in application of the method and methodology that can be applied and important considerations when selecting measurement parameters, while still remaining within the intended scope of this document.


ICS-code 27.120.30
Nederlandse titel Splijtstoftechnologie - Coulometrische bepaling van plutonium met gereguleerde potentiaal
Engelse titel Nuclear fuel technology - Controlled-potential coulometric assay of plutonium



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