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Protheses - Structurele beproeving van heupdelen

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 38
Gepubliceerd op 15-04-2000
Taal Engels
Specifies test methods for components and assemblies of hip disarticulation prostheses which are arranged at hip and thigh level. It does not apply to other components of lower limb prostheses for which test methods are given in ISO 10328. Specifies procedures for simplified static and cyclic strength tests in which the antero-posterior (A-P) and medio-lateral (M-L) components of loading are produced in separate tests by the application of test forces in two different test planes. The components of loading produced in the test sample related to the peak values of the components of loading which normally occur at different instants during the stance phase of walking.


ICS-code 11.040.40
Nederlandse titel Protheses - Structurele beproeving van heupdelen
Engelse titel Prostheses - Structural testing of hip units



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