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Methoden voor de kalibratie van trilling- en schokopnemers - Deel 41: Kalibratie van laser trillingmeters

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2011
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This part of ISO 16063 specifies the instrumentation and procedures for performing primary and secondary calibrations of rectilinear laser vibrometers in the frequency range typically between 0,4 Hz and 50 kHz. It specifies the calibration of laser vibrometer standards designated for the calibration of either laser vibrometers or mechanical vibration transducers in accredited or non-accredited calibration laboratories, as well as the calibration of laser vibrometers by a laser vibrometer standard or by comparison to a reference transducer calibrated by laser interferometry. The specification of the instrumentation contains requirements on laser vibrometer standards. Rectilinear laser vibrometers can be calibrated in accordance with this part of ISO 16063 if they are designed as laser optical transducers with, or without, an indicating instrument to sense the motion quantities of displacement or velocity, and to transform them into proportional (i.e. time-dependent) electrical output signals. These output signals are typically digital for laser vibrometer standards and usually analogue for laser vibrometers. The output signal or the reading of a laser vibrometer can be the amplitude and, in addition, occasionally the phase shift of the motion quantity (acceleration included). In this part of ISO 16063, the calibration of the modulus of complex sensitivity is explicitly specified (phase calibration is provided in Annex D). NOTE Laser vibrometers are available for measuring vibrations having frequencies in the megahertz and gigahertz ranges. To date, vibration exciters are not available for generating such high frequencies. The calibration of these laser vibrometers can be estimated by the electrical calibration of their signal processing subsystems utilizing appropriate synthetic Doppler signals under the following preconditions: - the optical subsystem of the laser vibrometer to be calibrated has been proven to comply with defined requirements comparable to those given in 5.5.3; - synthetic Doppler signals are generated as an equivalent substitute for the output of the photodetectors. More detailed specifications of this approach (see Reference [25]) lie outside the scope of this part of ISO 16063.


ICS-code 17.160
Nederlandse titel Methoden voor de kalibratie van trilling- en schokopnemers - Deel 41: Kalibratie van laser trillingmeters
Engelse titel Methods for the calibration of vibration and shock transducers - Part 41: Calibration of laser vibrometers



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