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Milieuprestaties van gebouwen - Koolstofhuishouding van een gebouw - Gebruiksfase

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Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2015
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ISO 16745 provides requirements for determining and reporting a carbon metric of an existing building, associated with the operation of the building. It sets out methods for the calculation, reporting, communication, and verification of a set of carbon metrics for GHG emissions arising from the measured energy use during the operation of an existing building, the measured user-related energy use, and other relevant GHG emissions and removals. These carbon metrics are separated into three measures designated CM1, CM2, and CM3 (see 5.1.1). This International Standard follows the principles set out in ISO 15392 and those described in Clause 4. Where deviations from the principles in ISO 15392 occur, or where more specific principles are stated, this International Standard takes precedence. The carbon metrics CM1 and CM2 are not quantified based on life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. Carbon metric CM3 may include partial quantification based on the results of LCA. This International Standard does not include any method of modelling of the operational energy use of the building but follows the conventions provided by other International Standards, as given in relevant clauses. This International Standard is not an assessment method for evaluating the overall environmental performance of a building or a building-rating tool and does not include value-based interpretation of the carbon metric(s) through weightings or benchmarking. This International Standard deals with the application of the carbon metric(s) for an existing building, either residential or commercial, or a building complex. It does not include provisions for regional and/or national building stock.


ICS-code 91.040.01
Nederlandse titel Milieuprestaties van gebouwen - Koolstofhuishouding van een gebouw - Gebruiksfase
Engelse titel Environmental performance of buildings - Carbon metric of a building - Use stage



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