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Sensory analysis - Methodology - Sequential analysis

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2019
Taal Engels
ISO 16820 specifies a procedure for statistically analysing data from forced-choice sensory discrimination tests, such as the triangle, duo-trio, 3-AFC, 2-AFC, in which after every trial of the discrimination test the decision can be made to stop testing and declare a difference, to stop testing and declare no difference, or to continue testing. The sequential method often allows for a decision to be made after fewer trials of the discrimination test than would be required by conventional approaches that use predetermined numbers of assessments. The method is effective for: a) determining that either: 1) a perceptible difference results; or 2) a perceptible difference does not result when, for example, a change is made in ingredients, processing, packaging, handling or storage; b) selecting, training and monitoring assessors.


ICS-code 67.240
Engelse titel Sensory analysis - Methodology - Sequential analysis



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