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Hijsbanden - Hijsbanden voor algemeen gebruik, gemaakt van touwen - Polyetheen met grote stijfheid (HMPE)

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Gepubliceerd op 15-10-2016
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ISO 18264 specifies the requirements related to safety, including methods of rating and testing eye-and-eye and endless sling constructions used as single (1) leg, two (2) leg, three (3) leg or four (4) leg lifting configurations (with and without fittings).These sling constructions are made of 8-strand braided ropes (type L), 12-strand braided ropes (type T), covered rope constructions (type C) according to ISO 10325. Alternatively, other laid and braided rope constructions deviating from ISO 10325, but tested according to ISO 2307, may be used. This International Standard is applicable to rope constructions made of High Modulus Polyethylene [HMPE, also referred to as Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)] fibre having a minimum reference number of 12 and a maximum reference number of 72, even though there is no direct link between rope reference numbers and the type of lifting operations, either general-purpose or special lifting operations. Parts of the braided load bearing constructions in such slings, or the whole sling, can be enclosed in a protective cover/jacket/sleeve. The protective cover/jacket/sleeve is designed to be non-load bearing as it is intended only for protection and containment of the load bearing core. The fibre rope slings covered by this International Standard are intended for general-purpose lifting operations only, i.e. when used for lifting objects, materials or goods which require no deviations from the requirements, safety factors, also referred to as design factors, or work load limits specified. Lifting operations not covered by this International Standard would include the lifting of persons, potentially dangerous materials such as molten metal and acids, glass sheets, fissile materials, nuclear reactors and special lifting operations. This International Standard deals with the technical requirements to minimize the hazards listed in Clause 4 which can arise during the use of fibre rope slings when carried out in accordance with the instructions and specification given by the manufacturer, its authorized representative or qualified and/or competent person.


ICS-code 59.080.01
Nederlandse titel Hijsbanden - Hijsbanden voor algemeen gebruik, gemaakt van touwen - Polyetheen met grote stijfheid (HMPE)
Engelse titel Textile slings - Lifting slings for general purpose lifting operations made from fibre ropes - High modulus polyethylene (HMPE)



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