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Bodem - Monsterneming - Deel 104: Strategie├źn

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 131
Commissie Veldwerk - monsterneming
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2018
Taal Engels
ISO 18400-104 gives general guidance on the development of site investigation strategies and detailed guidance on the development of sampling strategies, when collecting information on - the average properties of soil, - the variability of soil properties, and - the spatial distribution of soil properties. It is applicable to soil samples intended for chemical testing and determination of a variety of other properties (e.g. physical). Although the main focus of this document is the collection of material (field samples) for transfer to a laboratory for testing, it is also applicable when measurements are made directly in the field.


ICS-code 13.080.05
Nederlandse titel Bodem - Monsterneming - Deel 104: Strategie├źn
Engelse titel Soil quality - Sampling - Part 104: Strategies



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