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Financiële Diensten - Deel 1: Veiligheidsraamwerk

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Commissie Financiële diensten
Gepubliceerd op 10-12-2006
Taal Engels
This part of ISO 19092 describes the security framework for using biometrics for authentication of individuals in financial services. It introduces the types of biometric technologies and addresses issues concerning their application. This part of ISO 19092 also describes the architectures for implementation, specifies the minimum security requirements for effective management, and provides control objectives and recommendations suitable for use by a professional practitioner. The following are within the scope of this part of ISO 19092: usage of biometrics for the authentication of employees and persons seeking financial services by: verification of a claimed identity, identification of an individual; validation of credentials presented at enrolment to support authentication as required by risk management; management of biometric information across its life cycle comprised of the enrolment, transmission and storage, verification, identification and termination processes; security of biometric information during its life cycle, encompassing data integrity, origin authentication and confidentiality; application of biometrics for logical and physical access control; surveillance to protect the financial institution and its customers; security of the physical hardware used throughout the biometric information life cycle. The following are not within the scope of this part of ISO 19092: the individual's privacy rights and ownership of biometric information; specific techniques for data collection, signal processing and matching of biometric data, and the biometric matching decision-making process; usage of biometric technology for non-authentication convenience applications such as speech recognition, user interaction and anonymous access control. This part of ISO 19092 provides the mandatory means whereby biometric information may be encrypted for data confidentiality or other reasons. Although this part of ISO 19092 does not address specific requirements and limitations of business application employing biometric technology, subsequent parts of ISO 19092 may address these topics.


ICS-code 03.060
Nederlandse titel Financiële Diensten - Deel 1: Veiligheidsraamwerk
Engelse titel Financial services - Biometrics - Part 1: Security framework
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