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Standaardbestandsformaat voor spectrale gegevensuitwisseling

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 9
Commissie Microstralen analyse
Gepubliceerd op 15-12-2003
Taal Engels
This International Standard presents a simple format for the exchange of digital spectral data that has been designated as an EMSA/MAS standard. This format is readable by both humans and computers and is suitable for transmission through various electronic networks (BITNET, ARPANET), the phone system (with modems) or on physical computer storage devices (such as floppy disks). The format is not tied to any one computer, programming language or computer operating system. The adoption of a standard format would enable different laboratories to freely exchange spectral data, and would help to standardize data analysis software. If equipment manufacturers were to support a common format, the microscopy and microanalysis community would avoid duplicated effort in writing data-analysis software.


ICS-code 71.040.99
Nederlandse titel Standaardbestandsformaat voor spectrale gegevensuitwisseling
Engelse titel Standard file format for spectral data exchange
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