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Laminaatvloerbedekkingen - Bepaling van de schuurvastheid

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 15-12-2014
Taal Engels
ISO 24338 specifies two methods (A and B) for measuring abrasion of laminate floor covering elements. The tests described measure the ability of the surface layer to resist abrasive wear-through. Abrasion, according to method A, is achieved by rotating a test specimen in contact with a pair of loaded cylindrical wheels covered with specified abrasive paper. The resistance to wear, according to method B, is evaluated by abrading the face of test pieces with a specified abrasive applied by means of two loaded wheels. The number of revolutions of the test specimen required to cause a defined degree of abrasion is measured by both methods.


ICS-code 97.150
Nederlandse titel Laminaatvloerbedekkingen - Bepaling van de schuurvastheid
Engelse titel Laminate floor coverings -- Determination of abrasion resistance



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