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Intelligente transportsystemen - Automatische voertuigidentificatie - Basale elektronische registratie identificatie (Basic ERI)

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Vervoerstelematica
Gepubliceerd op 15-09-2007
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This International Standard supports simple systems for "basic electronic registration identification" ("basic ERI") for use in intelligent road transport applications. This International Standard "basic ERI" defines the - specification of a unique vehicle identifier (using an International Standard, or non-standard, data concept), - "basic ERI" functional capabilities, selectable for different "basic ERI" applications, - minimum data interoperability requirements between basic electronic registration tags (ERTs) and electronic registration readers (ERRs). This International Standard allows, but does not require, vehicle-related data storage in addition to the unique vehicle identifier. This International Standard is consistent with the ERI architecture defined in ISO/TS 24534-1 and d ata concepts defined in ISO/TS 24534-3, but is not necessarily interoperable with the more capable and "fully featured" ERI communication systems to be defined in ISO/TS 24534-4 or ISO/TS 24534-5. This International Standard defines a "basic ERI "system with security adequate for information that is currently available manually (such as license plate and/or VIN data) but it does not purport to provide the high levels of security required for some administrative requirements. Those requiring high security are advised to follow the relevant parts of ISO/TS 24534. Although not part of this International Standard, the employed technologies supporting this International Standard may enable additional non-standard security measures to be added for specific applications. This International Standard requires the use of an air interface communication that complies with an international, regional, or national standard whose protocols are publicly defined and available in that standard, but this International Standard does not define such an air interface, nor specify which standard air interface is used for any particular implementation. This International Standard limits its scope to - the requirement that a standard air interface with publicly available protocols is used, - the use of data concepts consistent with ISO/TS 24534-3, - the ability to ad ditionally use private data concepts.


ICS-code 03.220.20
Nederlandse titel Intelligente transportsystemen - Automatische voertuigidentificatie - Basale elektronische registratie identificatie (Basic ERI)
Engelse titel Intelligent transport systems - Automatic vehicle identification - Basic electronic registration identification (Basic ERI)



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