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Wegvoertuigen - Wrijvingsmaterialen voor remvoeringen - Wrijvingsgedragbeoordeling voor autoremsystemen

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 24
Commissie Wegvoertuigen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2009
Taal Engels
This inertia-dynamometer standard describes the influence of pressure, temperature, and linear speed on the coefficient of friction of a given friction material in combination with a specific mating component (rotor or drum). Use this standard when you need to compare friction materials under the same conditions or to control the friction behaviour against a specification or certain performance limits. To take into account the different types of dynamometer cooling systems and ensure repeatable temperature increments, the brake temperature is the control item during the fade sections. The types of brakes and discs used will vary according to individual projects. Production verification testing can use the results from this test in conjunction with a statistical process control system as part of a quality assurance plan. The specific project or program will detail the applicable limits and assessment criteria. This standard allows as well additional sections and brake applications very useful during product development testing. The additional brake applications added for the development testing are indicated in bold.


ICS-code 43.040.40
Nederlandse titel Wegvoertuigen - Wrijvingsmaterialen voor remvoeringen - Wrijvingsgedragbeoordeling voor autoremsystemen
Engelse titel Road vehicles - Brake lining friction materials - Friction behaviour assessment for automotive brake systems



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