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Aircraft ground equipment - Upper deck loader - Functional requirements

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Gepubliceerd op 15-06-2012
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This International Standard specifies the functional and performance requirements for a self-propelled container/pallet loader capable of raising air cargo unit load devices (ULDs) to the upper deck of very large capacity freighter (VLCF) aircraft and also to the main deck of any main-line freighter aircraft. This International Standard does not intend to provide all the design requirements applicable for aircraft upperdeck loaders. Other requirements can be found in separate standards which are also applicable: - ISO 4116 specifies the additional requirements applicable for conveying surfaces of aircraft ground support equipment intended for handling and loading of baggage and cargo ULDs; - ISO 6966-1 and ISO 6966-2 specify, respectively, the general and safety-related requirements applicable to all aircraft ground support equipment. The requirements of this International Standard were determined based on generally recognized assumptions as to: a) the normally intended use of aircraft ground support equipment, when used on the ramp of international civil airports in order to handle, service or maintain civil transport aircraft; b) the environmental (surface, slope, weather, lighting, operating rules, traffic infrastructure, staff qualification, etc.) conditions prevailing on the ramp area of the majority of international civil airports. It is assumed that the manufacturers of aircraft upper-deck loaders define in the relevant documentation the specifically intended conditions of use and environment for each model, and that the purchasers systematically review their own specific conditions of use and environment in order to determine whether those stated are adequate, or negotiate with the manufacturer appropriate modifications to ensure they are. This International Standard does not specify requirements applicable to: - any adapters or ancillary/supplemental equipment additions to in-service main-deck loaders in order to allow their occasional upper-deck use; - any main-deck loaders fitted with optional access to upper-deck height of the front platform only (ISO 6967:2006, 4.8).


ICS-code 49.100
Engelse titel Aircraft ground equipment - Upper deck loader - Functional requirements



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