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Rijwielen - Gebogen stang en stuur - Assemblage afmetingen

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Commissie Fietsen
Gepubliceerd op 15-08-2016
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ISO 6699 specifies the dimensions and tolerances to ensure secure assembly between the stem and the handlebar centre of a bicycle. This International Standard is applicable for bicycles intended for use on public roads, and on which the saddle can be adjusted to provide a saddle height of 635 mm or more. This International Standard is not applicable for specialized types of bicycle, such as tradesmen’s delivery bicycles, tandems, toy bicycles and bicycles designed and equipped for use in sanctioned competitive events.


ICS-code 43.150
Nederlandse titel Rijwielen - Gebogen stang en stuur - Assemblage afmetingen
Engelse titel Cycles - Handlebar centre and stem dimensions



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