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Control charts - Part 6: EWMA control charts

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Commissie Toepassing van statistische methoden
Gepubliceerd op 15-02-2016
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ISO 7870-6 covers EWMA control charts as a statistical process control technique to detect small shifts in the process mean. It makes possible the faster detection of small to moderate shifts in the process average. In this chart, the process average is evaluated in terms of exponentially weighted moving average of all prior sample means. EWMA weights samples in geometrically decreasing order so that the most recent samples are weighted most highly while the most distant samples contribute very little depending upon the smoothing parameter (λ). The Shewhart control chart’s application is worthwhile in the rare situations when - production rate is slow, - sampling and inspection procedure is complex and time consuming, - testing is expensive, and - it involves safety risks.


ICS-code 03.120.30
Engelse titel Control charts - Part 6: EWMA control charts



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