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Aluminium alloy castings - Radiography testing

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 17
Commissie Non-ferro
Gepubliceerd op 16-07-1992
Taal Engels
Specifies general rules for appropriate implementation of radiographic inspection and stresses the technical specifications to be defined for agreement on discontinuity acceptance criteria by this technique. Annex A gives an extract of ASTM Standard E 155-85 "Standard reference radiographs for inspection of aluminium and magnesium castings" (slightly modified), Annex B grades of limiting acceptable discontinuities, Annex C examples of application of the procedures for discontinuity combination, Annex D an example of commercial design of image quality wire indicators.


ICS-code 77.040.20
Engelse titel Aluminium alloy castings - Radiography testing



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