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Werkwijze voor gebruik van een dosimetriesysteem van ceri-cerosulfaat

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Gepubliceerd op 15-03-2002
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This practice covers the preparation, testing, and proce-dure for using the ceric-cerous sulfate dosimetry system to measure absorbed dose in water when exposed to ionizing radiation. The system consists of a dosimeter and appropriate analytical instrumentation. For simplicity, the system will be referred to as the ceric-cerous system. It is classified as a reference standard dosimetry system (see ISO/ASTM Guide 51261). Ceric-cerous dosimeters are also used as transfer standard dosimeters or routine dosimeters. This practice describes both the spectrophotometric and the potentiometric readout procedures for the ceric-cerous systems. This practice applies only to y rays, X rays, and high energy electrons. This practice applies provided the following are satis-fied: The absorbed-dose range shall be between 5 X 10² and 5 X 10¤4 Gy (1).2 The absorbed-dose rate shall be less than 10 6 Gy/s (1). For radionuclide gamma-ray sources, the initial pho-ton energy shall be greater than 0.6 MeV. For bremsstrahlung photons, the initial energy of the electrons used to produce the bremsstrahlung photons shall be equal to or greater than 2 MeV. For electron beams, the initial electron energy shall be greater than 8 MeV.


ICS-code 17.240
Nederlandse titel Werkwijze voor gebruik van een dosimetriesysteem van ceri-cerosulfaat
Engelse titel Practice for use of a ceric-cerous sulfate dosimetry system
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