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Perslucht - Energie-rendement - Beoordeling

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 56
Commissie Compressoren
Gepubliceerd op 07-11-2011
Taal Engels
This International Standard sets requirements for conducting and reporting the results of a compressed air system assessment (hereafter referenced as an "assessment") that considers the entire system, from energy inputs to the work performed as the result of these inputs. This International Standard considers compressed air systems as three functional subsystems - supply which includes the conversion of primary energy resource to compressed air energy, - transmission which includes movement of compressed air energy from where it is generated to where it is used, - demand which includes the total of all compressed air consumers, including productive end-use applications and various forms of compressed air waste. This International Standard sets requirements for; - conducting a compressed air system assessment, - analyzing the data from the assessment, - reporting and documentation of assessment findings, - identification of an estimate of energy saving resulting from the assessment process. This International standard identifies the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the assessment activity. The standard provides indicative information in Annexes A, B, C and D of the type of data to be collected to assist in a successful assessment. The information provided is not exhaustive and therefore is not intended to restrict the inclusion of other data. The form and presentation of the information given in the annexes is also not intended to restrict the manner of presentation of the reporting to the client. Users of this standard are advised that energy related judgements should not compromise safety issues.


ICS-code 23.140
Nederlandse titel Perslucht - Energie-rendement - Beoordeling
Engelse titel Compressed air - Energy efficiency - Assessment
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