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Glijlagers - Kwaliteitsborging van dunwandige half-lagers - Ontwerp FMEA

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 12
Gepubliceerd op 18-02-2016
Taal Engels
This International Standard provides guidelines for the preparation of a Design FMEA for thin-walled half bearings used in internal combustion engines (the Process FMEA should be the responsibility of the supplier). It lists the common potential failure mode(s), potential effect(s) and potential cause(s) of failure. The numerical evaluation of risks in terms of occurence, severity and detection can be specific to each application, manufacturer and customer. Since they have to be assessed in each case the numerical data are not included in this International Standard. General guidance on statistical assessment can be obtained from the references.


ICS-code 21.100.10
Nederlandse titel Glijlagers - Kwaliteitsborging van dunwandige half-lagers - Ontwerp FMEA
Engelse titel Plain bearings - Quality assurance of thin- walled half bearings - Design FMEA



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