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Core Banking - Mobiele Financiele Diensten - Deel 5: Mobiele betalingen naar Bedrijf

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 49
Commissie Financiële diensten
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2015
Taal Engels
One of the most important aspects of the MFS environment is mobile payments to businesses. There are many ways a consumer can make a payment to a merchant. ISO 12812 provides a comprehensive standard for using the mechanisms involved in mobilizing the transfer of funds regardless of who is involved in the process. Potential implementers of mobile retail payment solutions should look at this part of ISO 12812; potential implementers of solutions for mobile payments to persons should look at Part 4. This Part 5 of the ISO 12812 standard focuses on mechanisms by which a person (“consumer” or “payer”) uses a mobile device to transfer a payment to a business entity (“merchant” or “payee”), and in doing so introduces a payment into the traditional merchant point of interaction (POI) system, where the manner of settling the payment follows well-established merchant services paradigms. Additionally, there are other ways for a consumer to make a payment to a merchant, using the mobile device to initiate, authorize, and process transactions outside of traditional payment networks using secure mobile payment instruments. Accordingly, this standard supports both “push” and “pull” payments (i.e. transactions that are pushed or transmitted from a mobile device into a POI or pulled or received into a mobile device or POI), which are initiated and/or confirmed by a consumer to purchase goods and or services, including proximate payments, remote secure server payments, as well as mobile payments that leverage other technologies (e.g. cloud computing, quick response (“QR”) codes, biometrics, geolocation, and other methods to authenticate and authorize the transaction).


ICS-code 03.060
Nederlandse titel Core Banking - Mobiele Financiele Diensten - Deel 5: Mobiele betalingen naar Bedrijf
Engelse titel Core Banking - Mobile Financial Services - Part 5: Mobile Payments to Business



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