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Validation methods for fire gas analyses - Part 2: Validation of quantification method

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Status Ontwerp
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Gepubliceerd op 24-08-2015
Taal Engels
This International Standard describes tools and techniques for use in validating the analysis of fire gases when an analytical method is developed in a laboratory. It complements ISO 12828-1, which deals with Limits of Quantification and Detection. The tools and techniques described can be applied to the measurement of quantities, concentrations (molar and mass), volume fractions, and concentration or volume fraction versus time analyses. Fire effluents are often a complex matrix of chemical species, strongly dependent on the materials involved in the fire, but also dependent on fire scenario parameters, (see ISO 19706 [4]). With such a wide variety of conditions, the analytical techniques available will differ in terms of the influence of the matrix on the methods, concentration ranges which can be measured, etc. The analytical techniques available are likely to differ significantly in several respects, such as their sensitivity to the matrix and the range of concentrations/volume fractions which can be reliably measured. For these reasons, a unique reference analytical technique for every fire effluent of interest is, in practical terms, difficult or impossible to achieve. The tools in this International Standard allow verification of the reliable measurement ranges and conditions for the analysis of fire effluents, thereby enabling a comparison among various analytical techniques Examples of existing Standards where the information contained in this International Standard can be used are the analytical chemical methods in ISO 19701 [2], ISO 19702 [3], ISO 5660-1 [4], and the chemical measurements in the methods discussed in ISO/TR 16312-2 [6], ISO 16405 [7], or their application to fire toxicity assessment using ISO 13571 [1] and ISO 13344 [8].


ICS-code 13.220.01
Engelse titel Validation methods for fire gas analyses - Part 2: Validation of quantification method



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