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Geotechnical investigation and testing - Identification and classification of soil - Part 1: Identification and description

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Commissie Geotechniek
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2016
Taal Engels
This Part 1 of ISO 14688 establishes the basic principles for the identification and classification of soils and Part 2 outlines the basis of classification of soils of those material and mass characteristics most commonly used for soils for engineering purposes. The relevant characteristics might vary and therefore, for particular projects or materials, more detailed subdivisions of the descriptive and classification terms might be appropriate. This part of ISO 14688 gives the identification and description of soils based on a flexible system for immediate (field) use by experienced persons, covering both material and mass characteristics by visual and manual techniques. Details are given of the individual characteristics for identifying soils and the descriptive terms in regular use, including those related to the results of hand tests carried out in the field as part of the descriptive process. This part of ISO 14688 is applicable to the description of soils for engineering purposes which can be those laid by natural processes, those laid by man or comprise synthetic materials. This standard gives details of the procedures that should be followed in the description of soils. Sections 4 and 5 provide the rules for soil identification which shall be used at all stages of ground investigation and geotechnical design. Sections 6 and 7 give details of the procedures to be followed by those actually describing soils in the field or laboratory. This comprises the description of the soil material in all aspects and the description of the soil mass characteristics in terms of the bedding and discontinuities. The level of detail in a description will depend on the characteristics of the soil, the size and quality of the soil exposure or sample, the skill and experience of the person making the description and the needs of the particular project. The person carrying out the field identification and description should be suitably qualified to do so, and experienced in the geological materials involved in the investigation Practice in soil identification and description varies from country to country, in part reflecting significant differences in geological conditions. In addition the quality of samples available for description vary due to the investigation methods employed, as methods of investigation have been developed in response to the ground conditions present. Following identification and description, ISO 14688-2 gives the means by which soils can be classified into groups of similar composition and geotechnical properties based on the results of field and laboratory tests with respect to their suitability for geotechnical engineering purposes. The two parts of ISO 14688 should be used together. Test results can help to check the accuracy of the immediate (field) descriptions. The identification and description of rocks are covered by ISO 14689-1. Identification and description of materials intermediate between soil and rocks are carried out using the procedures in ISO 14688-1, ISO 14688-2 and ISO 14689-1 as appropriate. The identification and classification of soil for pedological purposes, as well as in the framework of measurements for soil protection and for remediation of contaminated areas, is covered by ISO 25177.


ICS-code 93.020
Nederlandse titel Geotechnical investigation and testing - Identification and classification of soil - Part 1: Identification and description
Engelse titel Geotechnical investigation and testing - Identification and classification of soil - Part 1: Identification and description



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