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Uitbalancereen van roterende gereedschappen en gereedschapssystemen

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 71
Commissie Gereedschappen
Gepubliceerd op 25-01-2016
Taal Engels
This International Standard specifies requirements and provides calculations for the permissible static and dynamic residual unbalances of rotating single tools and tool systems. It is based on the guideline that unbalance related centrifugal forces induced by the rotational speed do not harm the spindle bearings as well as prevent unbalance related impairments of machining processes, tool life and work piece quality. Modular tool systems are another important and complex issue of this standard. Calculations and process descriptions for balancing these components and the assembled tool systems are included. An important focus of this standard are clamping dislocations of tool shanks and their effects on the balancing procedure. These dislocations can occur between a tool or a tool system and the machine tool spindle (e.g. with every tool change) as well as within a modular tool system during its assembly. For safety reasons the balancing quality of tools with a peripheral speed of more than 1 000 m/min shall not be worse than G 40 according to ISO 15641. This rule has to be taken into account when applying this standard.


ICS-code 21.120.40
Nederlandse titel Uitbalancereen van roterende gereedschappen en gereedschapssystemen
Engelse titel Balancing of rotating tools and tool systems



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