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Intelligent Transport Systems - Assisted Parking System (APS) - Performance requirements and test procedures

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 43
Commissie Vervoerstelematica
Gepubliceerd op 28-09-2015
Taal Engels
This International Standard (draft) for Assisted Parking System (APS) addresses light-duty vehicles, e.g. passenger cars, pick-up trucks, light vans and sport utility vehicles (motorcycles excluded), equipped with such APS. This standard establishes minimum functionality requirements that the driver can expect of the system, such as the detection of suitable parking spaces, calculation of trajectories, and lateral control of the vehicle. Information on the presence of relevant obstacles in the driving path of the vehicle can also be included in the functionality of such systems. This standard also sets minimum requirements for failure indication as well as performance test procedures. It includes rules for the general information strategy but does not restrict the kind of information or display system. APS systems are intended to provide automated parking assistance functionality to the driver. The APS system searches the environment adjacent to the vehicle for suitable parking areas between other parked vehicles or markings on the road such as painted lines, evaluates the required information to calculate parking trajectories and sends steering commands to an electronic interface of the steering system for lateral control of the vehicle during the parking manoeuvre. The basic APS system function is to assist the driver with lateral control of the vehicle during parking manoeuvres. As an optional extension, APS systems may also offer limited longitudinal control of the vehicle movement, e.g. braking assistance while manoeuvring into the parking slot. This standard contains requirements for the lateral control capability of APS systems. It does not address longitudinal control. During the parking manoeuvre the driver can take over the control of the vehicle movement at any time and is also fully responsible for the parking manoeuvre. APS systems use object-detection devices for detection and ranging in order to search the environment for suitable parking areas. Such devices can be sensors with distance information or vision based systems. In addition, sensors or counters, as well as relevant data available on the vehicle network (e.g. CAN) may be used to calculate the position of the vehicle relative to the parking area. APS is an extension of systems which inform the driver about obstacles in parking manoeuvres (e.g. ISO 17386 Manoeuvring Aids for Low Speed Operation MALSO; ISO 22840 Extended Range Backing Aid ERBA). This International Standard does not include assisted parking systems, reversing aids and obstacle-detection devices for use on heavy commercial vehicles or on vehicles with trailers.


ICS-code 35.240.60
Nederlandse titel Intelligent Transport Systems - Assisted Parking System (APS) - Performance requirements and test procedures
Engelse titel Intelligent Transport Systems - Assisted Parking System (APS) - Performance requirements and test procedures



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