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Solid Biofuels - Sampling

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 65
Commissie Vaste biobrandstoffen
Gepubliceerd op 14-01-2016
Taal Engels
This International Standard describes methods for preparing sampling plans and certificates and taking samples of solid biofuels, for example, from the place where the raw materials grow, from production plant, from deliveries e.g. lorry loads, or from stock. It includes both manual and mechanical methods, and is applicable to solid biofuels that are either: fine (particle sizes up to about 10 mm) and regularly-shaped particulate materials that can be sampled using a scoop or pipe, for example: sawdust, olive stones and wood pellets; coarse or irregularly-shaped particulate materials, particle sizes up to about 200 mm that can be sampled using a fork or shovel, for example: wood chips and nu


ICS-code 27.190
Engelse titel Solid Biofuels - Sampling



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