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Glas in gebouwen - PV gelaagd glas

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 29
Commissie Vlakglas
Gepubliceerd op 07-04-2014
Taal Engels
This International Standard describes component parts and specifies requirements of appearance, durability and safety, test methods and designation for laminated solar photovoltaic (PV) glass for use in buildings. PV modules that are directly attached to a building and not integrated into building material are excluded from the scope of this standard. This standard is a material test. It is not allowed to reference compliance with this standard for final product, as compliance with additional IEC standards is required for final product certification. This standard covers the performance not the electrical performance of laminated solar PV glass. Where necessary the electrical performances of the individual parts, e.g. insulating strip, have no relevance to this standard, however, these electrical parts should conform to the applicable IEC standards.


ICS-code 81.040.20
Nederlandse titel Glas in gebouwen - PV gelaagd glas
Engelse titel Glass in building - Laminated solar PV glass



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