ISO/DIS 18400-103:2014 en

Bodem - Monsterneming - Deel 103: Veiligheid

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 33
Commissie Veldwerk - monsterneming
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2014
Taal Engels
This part of ISO 18400 provides guidance on: - identification of hazards that may be encountered during a site investigation and when collecting samples of soil and other ground material, including hazards that are intrinsic in the sampling operation (e.g. physical hazards) in addition to the hazards that may arise from contamination; - measures that should be adopted to control risks once an appropriate risk assessment has been carried out; - it should be read in conjunction with relevant national and international legislation and regulations regarding health and safety at work and associated guidance produced by statutory bodies and trade associations.


ICS-code 13.080.05
Nederlandse titel Bodem - Monsterneming - Deel 103: Veiligheid
Engelse titel Soil quality - Sampling - Part 103: Safety



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