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Document management - De beoordeling van ECM / EDRM implementaties - Betrouwbaarheid

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 8
Gepubliceerd op 22-10-2015
Taal Engels
The scope of this international standard is to identify activities and operations an organization should perform in order to evaluate whether the electronically stored information is maintained in reliable and trustworthy environments. These environments utilize content or records management technologies commonly referred to as either Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Electronic Document Records Management (EDRM). Using ISO 15801 and ISO 15489 as a basis, this standard focuses on identifying factors that should be considered when evaluating compliance against relevant trustworthiness content/document/records related standards. This is intended to be either applied to an existing ECM system or addressed during the design of a new ECM system. Establishing the existence of a trustworthy system is an important step in documenting the accuracy and reliability of the electronically stored information (ESI) maintained within that system or environment. This standard is designed for use by organizations evaluating the trustworthiness of existing content/record/document management systems, solutions, or environments. This international standard identifies all of the recommended activities and areas that need to be examined a resource, or resources, that have sufficient knowledge of the specific technologies being examined along with understanding the organizational record management requirements.


ICS-code 01.140.20
Nederlandse titel Document management - De beoordeling van ECM / EDRM implementaties - Betrouwbaarheid
Engelse titel Document management - Assessing ECM/EDRM Implemenations - Trustworthiness



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