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Mining - Classification of mine accidents

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Gepubliceerd op 22-12-2016
Taal Engels
This International Standard establishes a classification of mine accidents by their origin or causes and by their results or consequences. Different categories of causes and consequences of mine accidents are briefly defined, which can be combined to allocate a unique code to each type of mine accident. This code can then be used in statistical analysis. Similarly, an allocated code clearly shows to which categories of causes and consequences the mine accident belongs to. This International Standard is applicable to all surface and underground mines. NOTE: Accidents can be classified in terms of other items than those given in this International Standard, especially in researches and in other classification schemes. These can be, e.g. classifications based on the level of financial damages; gender, age, professional skills, terms of service and academic degree of the personnel; days of week, month, year, hour of accident; area of site, etc. While these classifications can be useful to enable certain decisions to be taken by the health and safety executives, they are not considered in this International Standard.


ICS-code 73.020
Nederlandse titel Mining - Classification of mine accidents
Engelse titel Mining - Classification of mine accidents



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