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Verpakking - Toegankelijk ontwerp - Informatie en merken

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 21
Commissie Verpakking
Gepubliceerd op 20-10-2016
Taal Engels
This International Standard provides requirements and recommendations concerning accessible design of consumer packaging with regard to information and marking. Information and marking on packaging are important for safe and correct use of packaging as well as for giving users the proper image of the goods. While every effort is made to provide information on packaging appropriately, some users still have difficulty in reading and understanding the meaning due to some types of sensory or cognitive disabilities including aging effects. This international standard specifies considerations and methods for designing and presenting information and marking to make consumer packages accessible to people with the widest range of capabilities by considering their sensory and cognitive abilities. This International Standard applies to all types of information and marking presented on consumer packaging except for those regulated by law or legislation for safety and other reasons such as medical reasons. The design considerations and methods specified in this standard are primarily intended for designers, developers and evaluators of packaging.


ICS-code 55.020
Nederlandse titel Verpakking - Toegankelijk ontwerp - Informatie en merken
Engelse titel Packaging - Accessible design - Information and marking



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