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Cryogene vaten - Slangen

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 16
Commissie Cryogene vaten
Gepubliceerd op 11-02-2017
Taal Engels
This International Standard gives design, construction, type and production testing, and marking requirements for non-insulated cryogenic flexible hoses used for the transfer of cryogenic fluids within the following range of operating conditions: - working temperature: from - 270 °C to + 65 °C; - nominal size (DN): from 10 to 100. End fittings for mounting of any couplings are within the scope of this International Standard, but the couplings are subject to other standards. It is intended that the hose be designed and tested to satisfy the generally accepted rated pressure i.e. at least PR 40. Hoses may be then selected with a PR equal to or greater than the maximum allowable pressure (PS) of the equipment to which it is to be used.


ICS-code 23.020.40
Nederlandse titel Cryogene vaten - Slangen
Engelse titel Cryogenic vessels - Hoses



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