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Medische informatica - Patiëntgezondheidskaart gegevens - Deel 7: Medicatie data

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Gepubliceerd op 18-02-2016
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This part of ISO 21549 is applicable to situations in which such data is recorded on or transported by patient healthcards compliant with the physical dimensions of ID-1 cards defined by ISO/IEC 7810. This part of ISO 21549 specifies the basic structure of the data contained within the medication data object, but does not specify or mandate particular data-sets for storage on devices. The purpose of this standard is for cards to provide information to other health professionals and to the patient or its non-professional care giver. It may also be used to carry a new prescription from the prescriber to the dispenser/pharmacy in the design of its sets. Medication data includes the following four components: . medication notes, - additional information related to medication and the safe use of medicines by the patient such as medication history, sensitivities and allergies,; medication prescriptions, to carry a new prescription from the prescriber to the dispenser/pharmacy; medication dispensed, the records of medications dispensed for the patient; . medication references, pointers to other systems that contain information that makes up an medication prescription and the authority to dispense. The following topics are beyond the scope of this part of ISO 21549: physical or logical solutions for the practical functioning of particular types of data cards; . how the message is processed further ‘downstream’ of the interface between two systems; the form which data takes for use outside the data card, or the way in which such data is visibly represented on the data card or elsewhere. It should be noted that not only the definition of “medicinal products” differs from country to country, but also the same name may relate to entirely different products in some countries. Therefore, special attention should be made for the safety of patient, when the card is used across borders As a matter of course, exchange of prescription across borders must follow all laws, instructions, rules, terms and


ICS-code 35.240.80
Nederlandse titel Medische informatica - Patiëntgezondheidskaart gegevens - Deel 7: Medicatie data
Engelse titel Health informatics - Patient healthcard data - Part 7: Medication data



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