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Geotechnisch onderzoek en beproeving - Veldproeven - Deel 10: Statische gewichtssondering

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 7
Commissie Geotechniek
Gepubliceerd op 31-07-2016
Taal Engels
This part of EN ISO 22476 specifies the equipment requirements, execution of and reporting on the weight sounding test. The present document describes the procedure for conducting a test with the weight sounding devise in natural soils, made ground, fill either on land or on water. The test with the weight sounding is performed by the penetrating the weight sounding point in the ground. The document covers the determination of resistance of soil to the static load or the static load and the specified turning the sounding point. The weight sounding penetrometer consists of a screw-shaped point, rods, weights or other loading system and a handle or a rotating device. The weight sounding test is made as a static sounding in soft soils when the penetration resistance is less than 1 kN. When the resistance exceeds 1 kN the penetrometer is rotated, manually or mechanically, and the number of half turns for a given depth of penetration is recorded. The weight sounding test is primarily used to give a continuous soil profile and an indication of the layer sequence. The penetrability in even stiff clays and dense sands is good. The weight sounding test is also used to estimate the density of cohesionless soils and to estimate the depth to very dense ground layers indicating the length of end-bearing piles. For identification and classification of the ground, the results of sampling (according to EN ISO 22475-1) from at least one borehole, trial pit, shaft or heading shall be available for the evaluation of the tests. In addition, identification and classification results (ISO 14688 and ISO 14689) shall be available from every separate ground layer within the desired investigation depth


ICS-code 93.020
Nederlandse titel Geotechnisch onderzoek en beproeving - Veldproeven - Deel 10: Statische gewichtssondering
Engelse titel Geotechnical investigation and testing - Field testing - Part 10: Weight sounding test



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