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Beheer van taalkundige bronnen - Corpus query lingua franca (CQLF) - Deel 1: metamodel

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Status Ontwerp
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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2017
Taal Engels
This document describes the abstract metamodel designed to accommodate any corpus query language and providing a basis for coarse-grained classification. The metamodel consists of several components referred to as CQLF classes, levels, and modules. The present document focuses on the Single-stream class (where a single data stream is used to organize the relevant data structures), and within this class, it discusses three CQLF levels (Linear, Complex, and Concurrent), as well as their subdivisions into modules, dictated by functional and modelling criteria. This document does not provide a way to specify further details beyond the above-mentioned divisions. Nor does it contain within its scope QLs designed to query more than one concurrent data stream, as in multimodal corpora or in parallel corpora (such QLs can still be classified according to the criteria suggested here for less expressive QLs, but their in-depth description will be the topic of another part of the CQLF standard family, namely Part 3 “CQLF Ontology: Multi-stream Architectures”).


ICS-code 01.020
Nederlandse titel Beheer van taalkundige bronnen - Corpus query lingua franca (CQLF) - Deel 1: metamodel
Engelse titel Language resource management - Corpus query lingua franca (CQLF) - Part 1: Metamodel



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