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Ontwerpgrondslagen voor constructies - Aardbevingsbelastingen op constructies

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 58
Commissie TGB Basiseisen en belastingen
Gepubliceerd op 14-04-2016
Taal Engels
This International Standard specifies principles of evaluating seismic actions for the seismic design of buildings (including both the super structure and foundation), and other structures. Certain structures such as bridges, dams, geotechnical works, tunnels, are beyond the scope of this Standard, even though some of the principles herein can be referred to for the seismic design of those structures. The principles specified in this International Standard do not cover nuclear power plants, since these are dealt with separately in other International Standards. In regions where the seismic hazard is low, methods of design for structural integrity may be used in lieu of methods based on a consideration of seismic actions. This International Standard is not a legally binding and enforceable code. It can be viewed as a source document that is utilized in the development of codes of practice by the competent authority responsible for issuing structural design regulations.


ICS-code 91.080.01
Nederlandse titel Ontwerpgrondslagen voor constructies - Aardbevingsbelastingen op constructies
Engelse titel Bases for design of structures - Seismic actions on structures



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