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Aardolie- en aardgasindustrie - Bedrijfsvoering in Arctisch gebied - IJsmanagement

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 118
Commissie Arctic Operations
Gepubliceerd op 20-12-2016
Taal Engels
This document establishes the principles, specifies the requirements and provides guidance for ice management (IM) in arctic environments, from the point of view of planning, engineering, implementation and documentation. The following in-ice activities and infrastructures are covered by this document: floating moored and/or dynamically positioned drilling vessels, coring vessels, production facilities and work-over vessels; construction and installation (includes trenching, dredging, pipe laying);  tanker loading and other offloading operations; protecting subsea installations; seismic operations; oil spill response; bottom founded structures (fixed installations and movable installations, including jack-ups). In view of the wide range of possible Arctic offshore operations, this document does not present a typical ice management plan, which could be adopted in field operations. This document also applies to mobilization, demobilization and construction support services, as these can be affected by ice conditions. This document does not provide requirements, recommendations or guidance pertaining to the design of structures, systems and components used in ice management, beyond the principles given. This document does not provide (specific) formulations for ice loads, which is covered by ISO 19906. This document is not applicable to port operations and to commercial trading vessels conducting transit or convoy operations.


ICS-code 75.020
Nederlandse titel Aardolie- en aardgasindustrie - Bedrijfsvoering in Arctisch gebied - IJsmanagement
Engelse titel Petroleum and natural gas industries - Arctic operations - Ice management



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