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Landbouwmachines - Veiligheid - Deel 8: Strooiers voor vaste meststoffen

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 17
Commissie Landbouwwerktuigen
Gepubliceerd op 23-04-2015
Taal Engels
This part of ISO 4254, intended to be used together with ISO 4254-1, specifies the safety requirements and their verification for the design and construction of mounted, semi-mounted, trailed or self-propelled fertilizer distributors for solid fertilizer application, i.e. full width solid fertilizer distributors, solid fertilizer broadcasters, distributors with oscillating tube and line-distributors as well as solid fertilizer distributors driven by an auxiliary engine to be used by one operator only, used in agriculture. In addition, it specifies the type of information on safe working practices (including residual risks) to be provided by the manufacturer. This part of ISO 4254 deals with all the significant hazards ( as listed in Annex A), hazardous situations and events relevant to solid fertilizer distributors, when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer (see Clause 4), excepting the hazards arising from: - inadequate lighting of working area; - inadequate visibility from drivers/operators position; - inadequate seating; - travelling functions (drive, braking etc.); - rolling over; - equipment for loading fertilizer into the machine; - an auxiliary engine. This part of ISO 4254 is not applicable to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), nor to environmental hazards (except noise). This part of ISO 4254 is not applicable to the following: - combined seed and fertilizer drills which create a soil trench and deposit fertilizer in said trench; - machines for distributing granulated pesticides; - pedestrian controlled distributors; - knapsack distributors. This part of ISO 4254 is not applicable to solid fertilizer distributors which are manufactured before the date of its publication. When requirements of this part of ISO 4254 are different from those which are stated in ISO 4254-1, the requirements of this part of ISO 4254 take precedence over the requirements of ISO 4254-1 for machines that have been designed and built according to the provisions of this part of ISO 4254.


ICS-code 65.060.25
Nederlandse titel Landbouwmachines - Veiligheid - Deel 8: Strooiers voor vaste meststoffen
Engelse titel Agricultural machinery - Safety - Part 8: Solid fertilizer distributors



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