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Information technology - Home network resource management - Part 1: Requirements

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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2016
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ISO/IEC 30100-1 specifies the minimum requirements of a home network resource management architecture to deliver applications in a safe and future-proof way without being prescriptive. The purpose of this standard is to collect all available home network information from different types of home network elements and protocols, and to provide the interrelationships among the elements of this information. This standard also describes user requirements and functional requirements for the management of home network entities as a resource. This part of ISO/IEC 30100 specifies management requirements with respect to - device management - network topology - auto-configuration • device diagnosis and • software management • defines resources of a home network such as devices, networks and services, - specifies an information model of the relationship among home network resources and - specifies management application procedures based on a home resource model. This standard defines new terminology and specifies a general information model and relationships for resources (abstraction of device, network, service and location) in the home area network. This standard specifies how a home resource management system defines, organises, diagnoses, manages and combines these resources. This standard does not specify what kind of resources will be defined. The architecture of this standard is targeted for generic usage. Countermeasures are needed to protect the security and privacy of information from home devices. For example, there are laws and regulations for smart grids, health care, credit card solutions, etc. Corresponding security and privacy policies are needed for each application. A suitable data structure (XML schema) for security policies is needed in each usage category.


ICS-code 35.110
Engelse titel Information technology - Home network resource management - Part 1: Requirements



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