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Information technology - Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) - Part 20: Contract Expression Language

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 76
Commissie Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information
Gepubliceerd op 21-09-2015
Taal Engels
This part of ISO/IEC 21000 specifies a language for representing contracts in the Multimedia Framework formed for the transaction of MPEG-21 Digital Items or services related to the MPEG-21 Framework. The Contract Expression Language (CEL) aims at digitally representing the agreements made in an environment of ISO/IEC 21000 use. These contracts include those about both transactions of content packed as Digital Items as well as services provided around this content. The range of contracts under scope is: ? Contracts about transactions on rights for the exploitation of content as MPEG-21 Digital Items; ? Contracts about the provision of MPEG-21-based services, i.e. delivery, identification, encryption, search and others. The aspects represented by CEL contracts include: ? The textual clauses, in natural language as they are in the narrative contract, duly structured; The operative clauses, as computer language expressions. However CEL may also be used as electronic format for contracts on the trade of media rights also beyond the MPEG framework. The main aspect of CEL contracts are the operative clauses, represented as machine readable deontic expressions, i.e. the agreed permissions, obligations, and prohibitions, and the associated terms and conditions. Besides, the CEL contract includes the identification of the contract itself, its parties, and the possible relationships with other contracts. Among the provided features there is the possibility to insert the textual version of the contract and/or of specific clauses, in particular for the case in which the original contract is narrative, i.e. written in natural language. Also it is possible to add metadata related to any contract entity and to have encryption of the whole contract, or any-sub-part of it. As electronic format for a contract document, the agreement of the parties can be proved by their digital signature. Eventually CEL provides to the media companies the basic means for the collection of knowledge on held rights, also derived from multiple contracts, as rights port-folio, for business management purposes.


ICS-code 35.040
Nederlandse titel Information technology - Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) - Part 20: Contract Expression Language
Engelse titel Information technology - Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) - Part 20: Contract Expression Language



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