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Seismische ontwerp voorbeelden gebaseerd op ISO 23469

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Commissie TGB Basiseisen en belastingen
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2014
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This Technical Report provides seismic design examples for geotechnical works based on ISO 23469:2005 in order to demonstrate how to use this ISO standard. The design examples are intended to provide guidance to experienced practicing engineers and code writers. Geotechnical works include buried structures (e.g. buried tunnels, box culverts, pipelines, and underground storage facilities), foundations (e.g. shallow and deep foundations, and underground diaphragm walls), retaining walls (e.g. soil retaining and quay walls), pile-supported wharves and piers, earth structures (e.g. earth and rock fill dams and embankments), gravity dams, tanks, landfill and waste sites. ISO 23469 addresses important issues for seismic actions for designing geotechnical works, including effects of site-specific response, ground displacement, soil-structure interaction and liquefaction, in a systematic manner within a consistent framework. This International Standard presents a full range of methods for the analysis of geotechnical works, ranging from simple to sophisticated, from which experienced practicing engineers can choose the most appropriate option for evaluating their performance. Therefore, this Technical Report includes well-chosen design examples that consider these important issues and covering in a balanced way the wide range of the methods of analysis and the types of model which can be used to evaluate seismic actions of geotechnical works.


ICS-code 91.080.01
Nederlandse titel Seismische ontwerp voorbeelden gebaseerd op ISO 23469
Engelse titel Seismic design examples based on ISO 23469



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